It’s hot outside!

The weather is perfect for campfire roasted marshmallows, family bike rides, BBQ, and trips to the beach! We love that stuff too. So we’re going to take 15% off of all of the services we offer so you can do more this summer AND have the added protection of our training.

Looking to conceal carry while wearing those Bermuda shorts? Check out our CHP course.

Want to get out of the house and do something interesting? Attend our NRA Basic Pistol Safety Course.

Want to have a party or get together that will be the highlight of the summer for all your family and friends? Feel free to request a class! We’ll get some information from you and plan a course specifically for you and your party.

Need to brush up on your skills and now you’ve got some time off? Schedule a private instruction session to knock the rust off that grip and tighten those groups

In the spirit of summer, here are some tippings and tricks to make carrying this summer a little more comfortable.

  1. Don’t be afraid to wear lighter material shirts
  2. Wear shorts!
  3. Think about alternatives to carry